Thursday, 11 March 2010

An Opportunity

There are amazing opportunities out there right now. Things are happening, economies are changing, barriers to entry are being broken down in established industries. Yes, there has been a failure of government and government policies in changing the 'rules of the game' to ensure sustainability as well as opportunity are the foundation of capitalism. But things are changing anyway!

Look at the the automotive industry of the late 20th century; high barriers to entry and very limited opportunities for new car companies. In fact an entrepreneur would need to have a lot of money to loose just to start building cars let alone actually sell any of them. While consumers demanded the same basic car that Henry Ford built (with higher efficiency and more fancy bits) there was limited opportunity. Suddenly this has changed, enough consumers are demanding ultra high efficient vehicles to make companies like Tesla Motors, Think and Better Place an interesting proposition for entrepreneurs. Whether they make money is another matter, the very fact that VC sorts and entrepreneurs are even considering the automotive industry is worth entering risk tells us that the game has changed.

Why the game has changed and the people and companies that are trying to take advantage of the new opportunities this presents is what this blog is all about.

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